Panama will invest 2.2 million dollars in the 2019 Carnival

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  • Mon, 11/12/2018 - 18:43
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The Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) reported today that it would invest for next year's Carnival festivities, 1.5 million dollars for the city of Panama and 700,000 dollars for the rest of the country's provinces.

The Tourism administrator, Gustavo Him, explained that the "Carnaval Panamá: un país en fiesta 2019" will be from March 1 to 5, 2019, and this aims to boost the economy and project the nation internationally, given that each year Thousands of tourists visit the country to enjoy one of the most important Panamanian festivities.

A statement from the tourism entity noted that the Commission of Carnival in the Capital prepares attractions in order to exceed the numbers of visitors from previous years.

In the past "Momo King" celebration, Panama received some 45,000 foreign tourists from Germany, Argentina, Canada, Chile, the United States, Spain, Guatemala, Italy and Mexico.

The activity that every year is concentrated on the seafront of the capital known as Cinta Costera, will have three show platforms: PTY, Balboa Lounge and Tarima del Recuerdo, in addition to performing the "culecos" (fun in the water), queens parade, VIP area for tourists and an area with entertainment games for children.

The ATP informed that the food stands will be raffled and the Ministry of Health (MINSA) will supervise them, in order to verify the safety of the food.

The 2019 carnival will begin in Panama City with the coronation of the queen and her princesses, and will culminate with the burial of the sardine.

The Authority reported that it is in process to meet the next queen of Panama City that will be chosen on November 15, and in which about 14 candidates from different parts of the nation participate.

According to data from the ATP, in 2017 2.5 million foreign tourists arrived to the country, which spent 4,451 million dollars, representing an increase of 3.8 percent over the previous year.

Source- EFE

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