Panama will promote resilience in its 500-year-old capital

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  • Fri, 08/17/2018 - 15:48
Aniversario Panama
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The Municipality of Panama today announced that it presented the Strategy: Resilient Panama, which includes axes and initiatives on which the Panamanian capital will begin to work to address its vulnerabilities and to develop a one-year adaptation capacity one year before celebrating its 500th anniversary since its foundation.

The plan, which was developed in 2016, is part of the 100 Resilient Cities project (100CR), sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation to help cities around the world build resilience to the social, economic and physical challenges of the 21st century, according to a communique of the City council.

"Two years ago we marked the countdown towards this historic date, with the presentation of the Resilience Strategy of Panama, with a comprehensive and long-term vision," said the mayor of the district of Panama, José Isabel Blandón.

The director of resilience of the district of Panama, Arturo Dominici, said the Strategy is a key instrument to define priorities in the approach to social, economic and environmental risks; although it will not be able to solve them all, it has a roadmap.

Since its creation, the project has two phases: the preparation of the Preliminary Resilience Assessment in 2017 and the identification of the areas of work required by the city to strengthen to help it contribute to the construction of urban resilience.

It includes the execution of pillars such as: Access to opportunities, Neighborhood infrastructure, Rediscovering our city of wetlands, Knowledge, understanding and sharing information to be more secure; and Shared management: making a city.

The municipal government said the project will focus on several issues, including protection from natural disasters, mobility and transportation, modernization of municipal management, water, sanitation and drainage.

Resilience is a concept that, applied to cities, means that they can prepare, resist and recover from a crisis.

Source- EFE

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