Panama’s Sombrero "Pintao" candidate to be part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage

The Neapolitan pizza, the Panama’s sombrero "pintao" (painted hat) and the Punto Guajiro are nominated to become Unesco's Intangible Cultural Heritage
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The Napolitan pizza, the Panama’s Sombrero "Pintao" (painted hat) and the Punto Guajiro are nominated to become UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage, a distinction that contributes to the safeguarding of these expressions handed down from generation to generation.

The decision will be taken during the annual meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of Heritage of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, which will be held from December 4 to 9 in South Korea.

A total of 34 traditions or living expressions, including four Latin American folklore expressions are proposed to enter the prestigious UNESCO representative list of intangible heritage, which already highlights traditions such as tango, Fallas de Valencia or the millenary philosophy of yoga.

Panama presented the nomination of one of the most characteristic garments of its folklore: the Sombrero Pintao. "This is the first nomination of our country, it would be an extraordinary recognition," said Emma Gómez, coordinator of the safeguard program of the Panamanian Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

On the other hand, Italy, champion of the Tangible Heritage of Humanity, seeks to put one of its culinary emblems forward for UNESCO's lists of intangible expressions: the Napolitan pizza.

Italians have turned to social networks to defend the nomination of this art currently practiced in Naples by about 3,000 'pizzaioli' and that according to its promoters "plays an essential role in social life and in the transmission between generations".

"We are confident in our candidacy because it is strong and has a clear message to the world: the victory of the Napolitan pizzaioli art would represent the triumph of an authentic handicraft culture," said Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, president of the Italian ecologist Foundation UniVerde.

If the result is positive "we will celebrate giving away pizza in the streets", promised Sergio Miccù, president of the pizzaioli association of Napolitans, contacted by the AFP.

Peru will defend its system of Corongo’s Water Judges, an indigenous tradition of community care and equitable water distribution in the countryside, based on the principles of justice and equity, dating back to pre-Hispanic times.

In the list of intangible heritage in need of urgent safeguarding, UNESCO will examine at this 12th edition the situation of the Colombian-Venezuelan llano work songs.

These verses sung a cappella by men on horseback who herd cattle are currently endangered with the livestock industry, since today the animals are transported in trucks and milking is mechanized.

Unesco annually receives hundreds of requests from the 175 States that ratified the convention, but chooses to consider just under 50. Its experts present favorable or unfavorable recommendations to a committee consisting of 24 countries, which makes the final decision.

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