Queen of the 2019 carnival of Panama City "Un país en Fiesta" is chosen

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  • Sat, 11/17/2018 - 10:17
Queen of the 2019 carnival of Panama City "Un país en Fiesta" is chosen
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The appointment of the young Valerie Falcón as Queen of the 2019 Panamanian Carnival: “Un país en Fiesta”, gave the initial kick to the most popular parties in the Central American country, organizers reported today.

For the celebration, which will be from March 1 to 5 next year, the representative of the province of Coclé (center) was the winner yesterday night, and holds the title of "Ambassador of Tourism", said today the state institution in charge of that sector.

Prior to the election, the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) reported that for the upcoming holidays it would invest 1.5 million dollars for the City of Panama and 700,000 dollars for the rest of the provinces of the territory.

The objective is to boost the economy and project the nation internationally, given that every year thousands of tourists visit the country to enjoy one of the most important Panamanian festivities.

Falcon, 21, will also represent the nation in international fairs where tourist destinations are promoted.

The administrator of the ATP, Gustavo Him, said that, like other years, the arrival of tourists is expected to increase and exceed expectations in economic impact.

The first princess Fianeth Corro, who represents Contadora Island, and the second princess Andrea Guevara, representative of the regions, will accompany her reign to Falcon.

The carnivals of Panama City will begin on Friday, March 1 with the coronation of the queen and her princesses and will culminate on Tuesday, March 5 with the burial of the sardine.

The activity, which every year is concentrated on the seafront of the capital known as Cinta Costera, will have three stages of shows: PTY, Balboa Lounge and Tarima del Recuerdo, in addition to performing the "culecos" (games with water), queens parade, VIP area for tourists and an area with entertainment games for children.


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