Senacyt and Smithsonian are the best known centers in Panama, according to a study

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  • Wed, 07/11/2018 - 17:39
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The National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation (Senacyt) and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) are the scientific entities most known to Panamanians, revealed an analysis released today by an official source.

The Survey of Social Perception of Science and Technology of Panama, which was coordinated by Senacyt, concluded that these centers, together with the state University of Panama, are the most mentioned by the people.

The coordinator and speaker of the study, Carmelo Polino, said the analysis also showed that Panamanians perceive a more promising future for local science, given that half of the population is convinced that in the coming years the country will stand out for its scientific-technological development.

However, part of the population complains that there is a lack of commitment to public communication of research results, since almost two-thirds of respondents agree that scientists do little to inform their work.

The themes of medicine and health are those that the vast majority of the population defines as of "much" or "enough" interest to sta informed, followed by environment, ecology, science and technology.

Regarding the specific consumption of science and technology through the media, television is the main source of access, followed by the Internet, newspapers and radio. The magazines and books of disclosure
are hardly mentioned.

The report details that the appreciation that Panamanians have for scientists and engineers in their country is at an average level of assessment, behind the reputation of doctors, athletes or religious.

Another result was that nationals have a predominantly critical view of the society in which they live.

"The vast majority of people are poorly or dissatisfied with the general situation, and this critical view is replicated in relation to the economy, the social situation, the economic reality, the environment or culture," added Polino.

The analysis that was presented in the forum "20 years of social perception of science in Panama", highlighted Senacyt's intentions to discuss the implications of perception on the value of knowledge, scientific profession, and financing of science about scientific culture.

Panama currently belongs to the group of the few countries in Latin America that consolidated social perception surveys as part of the institutional policies of science, technology and innovation.


Source: EFE

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