Spanish indie music band "Niños Mutantes" visits Panama for the first time

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  • Fri, 08/31/2018 - 18:28
Niños Mutantes
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The Spanish group "Niños Mutantes", one of the references in that country of the so-called indie rock, will visit Panama for the first time next week as part of a tour that will take them to other Latin American cities such as Bogotá or Caracas, the organizers of the concert reported today.

"We have been visiting Spanish cities and festivals for 20 years, we need to change our scenery, get to know new countries and audiences, see the reaction of our music in other places and have fun knowing other places," the band's guitarist and voice, Juan Alberto Martínez, told Efe.

The concert will take place on September 5 at the Teatro Amador, one of the most symbolic places of the Panamanian capital, and will be organized by the Cultural Center of Spain-Casa del Soldado, which has been in operation for five years in the Central American country.

The band, born in the '90s, will make its Latin American premiere next Sunday in Caracas (Venezuela) and, after the concert in Panama, will fly to the Colombian cities of Medellín and Bogotá.

"The rhythms of Latin America have conquered the world right now, wherever you go, you can listen to Latin rhythms." After many years of Anglo-Saxon cultural colonization, it has some poetic justice," he said.

"Niños Mutantes" has one of the most consolidated careers in independent music in Spanish and has 10 albums, the last of them, "Diez", was released last year.

"The indie always relied on making songs for the mind and heart more than for dancing; we are in that idea of trying to touch people, and that can always reach people who want music to reach beyond the dance," said Martínez .

The band is regular at the festival circuit that floods Spain every summer and where great renowned artists perform.

"When the multinational companies lost control, quality music began to reach the public and thousands of people entered a path of searching for something more than consumer music." They got hooked in such a way that the festivals in Spain right now are mass gatherings that fill spaces that used to be reserved just for sports or religious events," said the singer.

Source- EFE

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