Uber drivers may report suspicious criminal activity

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  • Thu, 11/01/2018 - 12:14
  • @Uber_Panama

As part of the alliance between Uber and Crime Stoppers International, the Uber driver partners in El Salvador, Guatemala and soon Panama will have the possibility to report suspicious activity that they observe inside or outside the vehicle, with the confidence that their identity will not be revealed.

Crime Stoppers is a platform of global reach that allows anonymous reporting of allegedly criminal activity. In Latin America, this collaboration with Uber will take place in El Salvador, Guatemala and soon Panama, and its intensity will increase over the coming months.

Initially, the driving partners will receive notifications in the Uber application regarding how to report possible crimes anonymously through Crime Stoppers. "By providing this information to our driving partners, we are empowering them and giving them the confidence to play a proactive role in keeping our communities safe," said Gabriel Gutiérrez, Uber's General Manager for Panama and the Caribbean.

"Working with Uber has allowed us to train users and drivers on security issues, especially dealing with human trafficking in some countries in the region. Citizens have 70% of information that, due to fear or apathy, they do not share with the authorities of their countries, that is why Crime Stoppers is part of the answer to this problem by offering an anonymous platform, with more than 41 years working around the world, so that people exercise their right to share key information with the authorities,"says Alejo Campos, Regional Director of Crime Stoppers. "In Panama, work is being carried out within the framework of the National Security Strategy 2017-2030 promoted by the Ministry of Security within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations, which, from its 17th objective, promotes the creation of alliances with all sectors to achieve said objectives."

Like Uber, Crime Stoppers has a global reach with operations in more than 26 countries. According to their statistics, more than one million people, with a current arrest warrant or in flagrante delicto, have been detained as a direct result of the information provided to the different chapters of Crime Stoppers around the world.

"At Uber we are convinced that, based on our collaboration with the authorities in the field of security and the empowerment of users and driving partners as a result of partnerships such as this with Crime Stoppers, we can support the development of safe communities. We know that when it comes to security there is always work to be done, and at Uber we are committed to doing more," Gabriel Gutiérrez concluded.



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