Video of JMJ 2019 highlights the beauty and attractions of Panama

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Showing the beauty, variety of landscapes and attractions of Panama was one of the objectives in the making of the international video of the World Youth Day (YMJ) 2019 hymn, Pedro Guevara Mann, artistic director of this film work, told Efe.

"This is a video that promotes our country, which says: 'come to Panama', but without looking like a tourist video. Moreover, several people from abroad have told me after watching the video they want to go to Panama," said deacon Guevara Mann in a questionnaire answered to Efe.

The film production to illustrate the hymn "Make yourself in me according to your word", by Panamanian Abdiel Jiménez, was recorded in eleven days, while the general edition with "the changes, the corrections, the colorization and the audio" took two months, said the artistic director of the WYD 2019, which will be held in Panama City from January 22 to 27.

It features well-known places in the country such as El Valle de Antón, Cerro Campana in Capira, the Chagres River, the Bridge of the Americas, La Boca area (below the Bridge of the Americas), the Panama La Vieja Monumental Complex and the Casco Antiguo from the city.

"We used some churches and took advantage of the procession of Don Bosco to demonstrate popular religiosity, and we also filmed during the Youth Renewal Meeting in Chitré," added the creative, after stating films were made in the Cinta Costera, in the capital and on stage where most of the events of WYD 2019 will take place.

Guevara Mann said the international video particularly highlights the Mariano motto of the next WYD, as well as the messages of Pope Francis on how a young person is the best tool to evangelize another young person, and how young people should have a connection with the elderly.

"We shared ideas which led to the idea of someone finding the statue of Santa María La Antigua because that's the way it is. A person finds Christ when he least expects it and He opens a new world under the mantle of the Holy Spirit," Guevara Mann said when referring to the young man who appears at the beginning and end of the film.

He stressed since WYD is an international and multilingual event, where half of the pilgrims will be foreigners and the other half Spanish speakers, the video of the hymn is sung in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese.

The soloists are Panamanian Catholic singers, while the interpreters of Portuguese are two young people from the Catholic community Shalom of Brazil who are in Panama working for WYD, said the artistic director, who highlighted the musicians are Panamanians.

In this video there are also well-known national personalities such as the Archbishop of Panama, Monsignor José Domingo Ulloa, and composer Adbiel Jiménez.

Pedro Guevara Mann shared ideas with Natasha Pineda to write the script and whose production was 100 percent funded by the Local Organization Committee of WYD.

This film production could be around $ 40,000, but thanks to the support of artists and volunteers who participated in it, its cost was lower because they donated their time and talent.

For Guevara Mann, a Panamanian based in Canada, having made this project turned out to be "an incredible experience", due to the diverse anecdotes he experienced during the filming and which he described as a meeting, when meeting with workers from the national artistic and television field.

"I’m proud of working in my country, with Panamanians, to create something that will touch so many people!" He told Efe.

The release of the video and the international presentation of the anthem took place at the beginning of last July and it can be found on the official Youtube site of WYD 2019. EFE

Raúl A.Bernal

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