The XXII International Coffee Tasting of Panama began

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  • Thu, 05/24/2018 - 14:06
Cata internacional de cafe
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Select lots of coffee from Panama compete today in an international tasting in which judges from Europe, Asia and America will choose the best grains of the special and traditional varieties produced in the Central American country.

This is the XXII International Coffee Tasting “The best of Panama”, which takes place in the mountainous town of Boquete, in Panama West, in which 75 batches of the grain of the geishas, ​​traditional and Pacamara varieties compete.

In this event, which will run until next Saturday, judges from Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, Australia, Romania and Japan, as well as 50 invited buyers who came to try Panama’s fine coffee, said the president of the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP), Wilford Lamastus to ACAN-EFE.

Lamastus said that on this day the scores of traditional natural coffee and natural geishas were very good, and that the comments of the judges have been very positive.

There are 24 batches of natural geishas and 24 batches of washed geisha; 10 lots of natural traditional, 10 washed traditional and 7 lots of the Pacamara variety.

The special Geisha coffee is the star of Panama’s coffee production. In the last edition of this tasting, in 2017, it was sold at a record price of 601 dollars per pound (454 grams).

The Australian Will Young is the main judge of this international competition, and said he was impressed with the first cups they judged, where the naturals have reached scores that in some cases exceeded 90 points, out of 100 that is the maximum that in this category is rare.

“Some of the lots exceeded expectations and it may be that the producers focused on quality this year, because the production was lower,” the head judge told ACAN-EFE.

The Japanese international judge, Taro Suzuki, has repeatedly participated in this event and agreed with Young that the first tables tasted were very good with very tall struts and very nice flavors.

The judges evaluate in each cup attributes such as acidity, body, flavor and balance of each batch, and have found flavors and typical aromas of the geisha variety: fruity and abundant flowers.

Panama’s coffee industry is marginal, but the country has specialized in producing special coffees such as geisha, which is sold at record prices especially in Asia and Europe.

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