• 2019/01/16 11:27:20

    Constituting AN efective transitional goberment in Venezuela



    Under the mandate of Articles 233, 333, and 350 of the Venezuelan constitution, Congressman Juan Guaido is the Transitory President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with all due legality and legitimacy, but without an effective control of the Executive Branch

  • 2019/01/07 16:28:08

    Nancy Pelosi: The Wall Is an “Immorality”

    Nancy Pelosi


    Nancy Pelosi doesn’t quite manage her first attempt to join Donald Trump in hyperreality. The Daily Devil’s Dictionary explains

  • 2019/01/03 20:44:18

    On Political Transitions

    ​​​​​​​Beatrice Rangel, President & CEO of the AMLA Consulting Group


    2018 ends with Latin America trapped between hope and despair. Hope is nurtured by the change of guard in Brazil which seems to be biased in favor of freedom. Given the geopolitical significance of Brazil most analysts expect a big democratic push in the region

  • 2018/12/31 11:03:49

    Juan Carlos Varela, the great disappointment of Panama for his allies

    Juan Carlos Varela, the great disappointment of Panama for his allies


    "He lied us", so cruel and hard, on the past eve of Day of the Innocents, distanced itself from the Panamanian president, Juan Carlos Varela, the Independent Movement (Movin), one of the pillars of his triumph in 2014, it reflecting for ones hypocrisy and for others the erosion of a minority government

2018/12/28 12:22:45
  • James Mattis: Who Will Keep Trump in Check Now?
  • James Mattis: Who Will Keep Trump in Check Now?


    Can America’s democratic institutions — Congress, courts and the media — constrain Donald Trump and ensure the survival and continued prosperity of the world’s oldest democracy?

2018/11/08 14:59:40
  • Hot News (1531), Jamal Khashoggi (5442), Journalists (4460), periodismo (5474), Middle East (1934)
  • The Walls Are Closing in on Free Media in the Arab World


    The job of journalists is to ask questions, to speak truth to power, to question authority. This has always been a very difficult struggle in the Gulf and wider Middle East, but this is what Jamal Khashoggi was committed to. He believed with great courage and passion that the way to achieve a better place for his country and society was to strive for an independent and free media.

2018/11/06 13:25:12
  • midterm elections
  • Midterm Elections 2018: The War for America’s Soul


    Even as pundits predict pontificate, the midterm elections are only yet another battle for the commanding heights of America’s torn soul. Atul Singh, editor in chief of the Fair observer analyzes the current political situation before the midterm elections. The New York Times has declared the battle for Congress to be close. The Washington Post analyzes five possible scenarios for Election Day. In his analysis of the election, Jon Sopel of the BBC declares that the midterm elections “ are ALL about Donald Trump.

2018/11/05 14:59:36
  • It is not that the dictatorship of Venezuela existed a year ago and has appeared with the hundreds of thousands of forced migrants, or that Nicaragua’s dictatorship suddenly happened with the crimes against the protests started on April 18.
  • Bolivia’s Castroist Chavist Dictatorship cannot be covered up


    Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are really regarded as dictatorships, but the Bolivian dictatorship is flouting its nature in analysis, news and statements. While affirming the consensus on the criminal status of Castro-Diaz Canel, Maduro and Ortega regimes, the dictatorship of the coca grower leader Evo Morales seems unnoticed

2018/11/05 14:50:21
  • Like Humpty Dumpty, the post-World War II American free trade policy has fallen off the wall. All of Minton Beddoes’ horses and all her men cannot put it back together again. Global trade will inevitably decline after having grown faster than GDP for decades
  • Donald Trump Declares Economic War on China


    After World War II, the US decided to create a new rules-based international order. It was based on institutions such as the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

2018/10/29 15:04:02
  • Estados Criminales
  • The criminal countries are Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua


    By Carlos Sánchez Berzaín. The Americas have long shown a holder of power that also have liquidated democracy, have established transnational organized crime dictatorships. The criminal countries that form a consortium are Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

2018/10/22 18:04:44
2018/10/22 11:53:41