Bolivia’s Castroist Chavist Dictatorship cannot be covered up

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  • Mon, 11/05/2018 - 14:59
It is not that the dictatorship of Venezuela existed a year ago and has appeared with the hundreds of thousands of forced migrants, or that Nicaragua’s dictatorship suddenly happened with the crimes against the protests started on April 18.
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By Carlos Sánchez Berzain 

Our treatment of Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua as dictatorships is real, but Bolivia’s dictatorship is a mockery of its true nature from every angle; analysis, news, and declarations.  While there is an emerging consensus over the criminal nature of the regimes of the Castro’s & Diaz-Canel, Maduro, and Ortega, the dictatorship of the Coca Growers’ chieftain Evo Morales’ seems to go unnoticed.  The Castroist Chavist dictatorships from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia, all have the same features, methodology, and agenda, therefore Bolivia’s dictatorship cannot remain covered up by misjudgment, omission or convenience.

The greatest propaganda efforts by the 21st Century Socialism’s or Castroist Chavist’s dictatorships has been, and still is, to feign democracy.  Cuba’s dictatorship has never had an option regarding this farce, but nevertheless it still insists appearing to present modifications to its dictatorial statutes manipulating them as “constitutional reforms”.  Venezuela’s dictatorship has shed all of its disguise with the on-going humanitarian crisis and Nicaragua has left us no doubt of its dictatorial nature with the assassinations and violation of human rights that are taking place since this past April.

It is not that Venezuela’s dictatorship exists only since a year ago and had made its appearance in the political scene with the hundreds of thousands of forced migrants, or that Nicaragua’s dictatorship suddenly appeared committing crimes against the street protesters that started on the 18th of April.  There is a dictatorship in Venezuela ever since Hugo Chavez was sworn in as President with his pledge to replace its “agonizing constitution” and then forged an alliance with Castro and harnessed all power to himself.  Nicaragua is a dictatorship since, at least, 2009 a year in which Daniel Ortega made “inapplicable” Constitutional Articles 147 and 148 that prohibited the continuous reelection of the President of the Republic.”

Evo Morales’ regime in Bolivia is a dictatorship, is part of a Castroist Chavist Transnational Organized Crime network, is a threat to the world and violates Bolivians’ human rights and individual freedoms.  More than 20 massacres with over 100 dead in the city of Cochabamba, the town of El Porvenir in the Pando department, Las Americas’ Hotel in the city of Santa Cruz, La Calancha in the city of Sucre, and the Yungas province in the department of La Paz, and elsewhere in mining towns, offer unquestionable proof.  This is also ratified by on-going political persecutions that use the Judicial Branch with over 80 political prisoners and over 1,200 political exiles certified by the United Nations’ Refugee Agency.

In January of 2019, dictator Morales will have reached 13 years of continuous power despite the fact that he was elected for 5 years without a right to be continuously reelected.  Morales has counterfeited the constitutional reforms of 2004 and in a partnership with Carlos Mesa introduced the “Constituent Assembly” to totally revamp the constitution even though the Republic’s Constitution only allowed for a partial reform.  Along with the same group of “Valencia’s Constitutionalists” that operated in Venezuela, Cuba, and Ecuador, he has falsified the approved constitutional text by the already illegal Constituent Assembly; has replaced the Republic of Bolivia with his “Plurinational State”,  has voided all power in all democratically constituted institutions, has changed their name, in order to conduct purges and get rid of legitimate magistrates; has committed electoral fraud in elections, referendums and more.

Morales’ Plurinational State’s Constitution, in existence since 2009 – replicating that of Cuba’s- consecrates the “retroactivity of the law” violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Internationally, Evo Morales promotes coca and cocaine, as evidenced by his speech at the UN in April of 2016.  He has increased the harvesting of illegal coca from 7,410 acres in 2003 to a whopping 172,900 acres with a production of cocaine that is now flooding Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and operates an official narcotics’ trafficking network with Venezuela using military airplanes, as proven by journalist Leonardo Coutinho in his writing “Hugo Chavez or a Specter”.

To get a firm foothold for his “Criminal Plurinational State” just as Venezuela and Ecuador with Correa did, he has expelled the US Ambassador and the DEA, breaking international counternarcotic agreements.  He has also created and operates “ALBA’s Anti-Imperialist Military School” located in the city of Santa Cruz with instructors from Cuba, and Iran, amongst others.  He has ended freedom of the press and his control of the media allows him to continue selling a counterfeited economic success, and a “false indigenous image” that does not speak any of the indigenous languages.  He has fiercely repressed the true indigenous peoples of the TIPNIS to rob from their natural reserves with the expansion of his illegal coca harvesting.

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