The 10 most important phrases of the message of Pope Francis at WYD in Panama

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  • Mon, 01/28/2019 - 16:59
Papa Francisco en Panama
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Pope Francis spoke during the World Youth Day (WYD) in Panama of the right of young people to question their environment and to have a values, of the sins of the Church, the need to more inclusion and the fight against corruption.

Francis arrived in Panama last Wednesday to participate until Sunday in the meeting and offered 10 speeches, including 3 homilies and an Angelus, before hundreds of thousands of people, government officials, diplomats and the Central American clergy.

Next, ten ideas and outstanding phrases pronounced by the supreme pontiff in the WYD 2019, which new edition will be celebrated in 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal:

.- "How easy it is to criticize young people and spend time whispering if we deprive them of job opportunities, educational and community from which to hold on and dream of the future," in a world "that is not giving roots or foundations to young people".

.- Francis cried out against the attempt of our societies to "reassure and numb young people so they do not make noise, so they do not ask themselves or ask questions, so they do not question themselves or question".

.- "Mary, the 'influencer' of God (...) was a young girl from Nazareth, she did not come out on the social networks of the time, and she was not an 'influencer', but without wanting it or looking for it, she became the woman who more influenced the history".

.- The life of salvation that Jesus gives is not "a salvation hung in the cloud" waiting to be downloaded", nor a new "application" or a mental exercise resulting from self-improvement techniques, nor a tutorial with which to learn the last novelty, "but an invitation to be part of a love story that is interwoven with our stories".

.- "The tiredness of hope is born to see a Church wounded by its own sin and that so many times has not heard so many screams in which the Master's cry was hidden", and provokes "the worst possible heresies for our time: think that the Lord and our communities have nothing to say or contribute in this new world that is brewing".

.- "Many of the migrants have a young face, they look for a greater good for their families, they do not fear to risk and leave everything in order to offer the minimum of conditions that guarantee a better future".

.- The Via Crucis "is prolonged in the hidden and outrageous pain of those who, instead of solidarity on the part of a society replete with abundance, find rejection, pain and misery, and are also identified and treated as the bearers and responsible for all the social evil".

.- The pilgrims of WYD "with their gestures and attitudes, with their eyes, their desires and especially with their sensibility, they deny and disprove all those discourses that are concentrated and strive to sow division, to exclude or expel those who ‘they do not are like us'".

.- "There are many young people who have been painfully seduced with immediate answers that mortgaged their lives", which has led them to conflictive situations, among which he cited "domestic violence, feminicide -what a plague our continent is experiencing in this sense!-, armed gangs and criminals, drug trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors and not so minor, etc".

.- "Lead a life that demonstrates that public service is synonymous of honesty and justice, and antonym of any form of corruption". We must "have the audacity" to create "a culture of greater transparency among governments, the private sector and the population".


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