2019 general elections in Panama regulated

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  • Thu, 03/22/2018 - 09:23
Elecciones Generales del 2019 en Panamá
  • Electoral Court of Panama

The magistrates of the Electoral Court (TE) signed Decree 12 dated March 21, 2018, which establishes the regulations and the electoral calendar for the General Elections of 2019. "On May 5, the Court will call for General Elections because according to the law elections must be convened a year before. On that date the calendar will start," Electoral Court's President Heriberto Araúz told local media.

The highest representatives of the Electoral Court signed in advance the decree to "have more time to execute the regulations. The reforms to the Electoral Code (EC) approved last April by the National Assembly allow regulations of aspects that are novel in Decree 12, such as the time to campaign, publication, for the first time, on the Electoral Court’s website, to report on campaign income and expenses, among others," said EFE.

Before May 20 the political groups must submit to the Electoral Court the date of completion of their internal processes, "the 7 parties that have been constituted to date will have a legal obligation to inform when their primary elections will be held. We must remember that the presidential primary elections are mandatory, said Araúz.

He highlighted that it will be a novel process due to the regulation of electoral campaign times. It will be Carnival Monday, March 4, when the electoral propaganda is given a go.

The document was signed by Magistrates Heriberto Araúz, Eduardo Valdés Escoffery, and Alfredo Junca. The act of signing was attended by General Electoral Attorney Eduardo Peñaloza, electoral delegates and representatives of the Citizen Forum Pro Electoral Reforms.

The seven parties formed before the Electoral Court are: Partido Revolucionario Democrático, Partido Popular, Partido Molirena, Partido Panameñista, Partido Cambio Democrático, Partido Frente Amplio por la Democracia and Partido Alianza.

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