50 new lawsuits against the State for diethylene glycol

  • TVN Noticias

Attorney Orobio filed before the Supreme Court of Justice 50 new lawsuits against the Panamanian State for negligence in the case of massive poisoning with diethylene glycol, occurred in 2006.

Orobio informed the local media that 6 million dollars are requested per each affected person, compensation for the victims for damages and losses.

"Our demand is simply that the State be responsible and order compensation for these families, because the fact is proven. There is a production of the fact caused by public officials who executed the criminal act, that is, it is the fundamental requirement of who caused the damage and the damage proven and therefore the State must respond civilly," said the lawyer to local media.

In April 2017, the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice condemned several former employees of the Social Security Fund (CSS) for this poisoning, who were in office at the time of the events.

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