Accusatorial proceeding starts in Martinelli’s case

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  • Tue, 07/10/2018 - 10:23
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After a marathon day in the trial against Ricardo Martinelli, the Presiding Judge, Jerónimo Mejía, declared inadmissible three appeals filed by the defense of the former president that represent an alleged violation of human rights. "We are going to keep filing the corresponding appeals because this is the time to debug," said Carlos Carrillo, Martinelli's lawyer. The audience will resume on Monday July 16 at 9:30 a.m.

The Prosecutor’s Office made his accusation official by magistrate Harry Díaz who read an extensive document that included the mention of 74 testimonial evidence and 11 evidential elements. After the indictment filed by Díaz, the lawyer David Cuevas also submitted another document, as legal representative of Rosendo Rivera, one of the plaintiffs of the process.

"We have some observations on the proceeding presided by the Magistrate on the indictment. We will raise everything immediately and publicly, just as we opposed the continuation of the hearing without the presence of Mr. Martinelli, just as we opposed to continue the hearing without publicity, at this time," said Carrillo.

Earlier, Balbina Herrera, urged to act differently in this case, "here we have very respectfully listening to his lawyers but the rights of the victims and the complainants have not been heard."

On the next decisions of the Supreme Court of Justice, Martinelli's lawyer, Roniel Ortiz said, "we trust that the Magistrates must divest themselves of that capacity. The court does not have this power. The last notification that (Martinelli) is not a member of the Parlacen (Central American Parliament) has already been given".

Carlos Manuel Herrera, complainant lawyer, considered "if it is true, the quality of the representative of Panama before the Parlacen was lost. It is true that it was done late and it is a mistake only reprehensible to the accused and his defense team that did not do it when they had to."

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