Activists ask to review national park use plan in Panamanian Pacific

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  • Wed, 09/19/2018 - 18:19
  • Panamá Today

Panamanian activists are currently holding a rally in the capital of Panama to request a review of the plan to use the Coiba National Park, located in the Pacific, declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 2005.

In the "Rally pro environment and dignified life", planned at the Cathedral Square, in the old town of the capital, the conveners will also request the preventive suspension of the construction of an airstrip in the park, and the revision of the environmental impact study of that project.

Last January, the head of the Ministry of the Environment, Emilio Sempris, reported that the Board of Directors of the Coiba National Park adopted a proposal for a public use plan that includes ecotourism, scientific and sustainable development activities.

The Board of Directors of the Coiba National Park is made up of the Ministries of Environment and Security, Tourism Authority, Aquatic Resources Authority, Secretariat of Science and Technology, University of Panama, Chamber of Commerce of the central province of Veraguas, mayorships, and the artisan, sports, industrial and export fishing sectors.

On June 27, the Ministry of the Environment approved the environmental impact study category 1 for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the airstrip in Coiba, which raised criticism not only for the speed of the process - the study was delivered one day before - but also because of the quality and reliability of the information, according to local scientists.

The Coiba National Park is located almost 400 kilometers west of the Panamanian capital and is one of the main tourist attractions of the country.

It has an area of more than 270,000 hectares, of which 216,000 are marine, and its largest island is Coiba, which measures about 500 square kilometers and has and unique biodiversity in the world.

Source- EFE

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