Adela Coriat: My investigations do not respond to any political group

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  • Thu, 10/18/2018 - 23:54
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After the publication in the newspaper La Estrella de Panamá of the hiring external lawyers to the Judicial Body by the government to obtain information and to initiate criminal proceedings,  in an exclusive interview Panama Today spoke with the investigative journalist, Adela Coriat, author of the investigations published by the Panamanian newspaper.

She assures that the information is reliable, "what happens is that people believe that because you do not identify sources they do not exist and that is not the case. In my career I have done a very serious journalism and I have done it very responsibly. Absolutely all my sources are reliable, even at this moment there are people who come to me and ask me to please do not say their names on articles already published, and open to the public, "said Coriat.

The journalist said that this investigation is a serious journalistic investigation, "this is a purely judicial issue and talks about the way in which judicial investigations are being carried out at the moment, certain judicial investigations were obtained in order to gather evidence , to be able to file complaints, leaves many doubts regarding the role played by different institutions in all this. If this at some point benefited the people who were being prosecuted, it is logical that they make this a political issue. My investigations are not political, nor do they respond to any political group. They are to denounce what is happening. "

Coriat believes that the response of the government was not complete, "The Government released a statement later and that was the way they reacted to the publications, very respectable, everyone reacts as they think is the best and provide the information they consider is indicated to be able to respond to our series of publications. ( The Government's response) It lacked of a little more depth, leaves in limbo some of the important points of the publications."

The author of the book "Behind the lines of drug trafficking" says that the journalism she does is strong and rigorous, "obviously it has some consequences and so far, thank God, everything is normal".

Coriat also expressed her opinion, as a citizen, on the issue of justice in Panama: "It has a lot to improve, there is much to improve, it is necessary to make an urgent re-composition before the country becomes much more obstructed with this and the institutions can be further decomposed. This is an institutional job and what is more important to know is that justice is one of the most important pillars of a democracy. Not having justice in a country brings absolutely dangerous consequences and for me that is the key of the matter. I believe that there is much to improve in the justice system, we must give a lot of independence to the powers and we must also try or see that the people who occupy these positions are the ideal ones, that they do not respond to particular interests and that they can exercise their position with freedom "

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