Alma Cortés: Ricardo Martinelli's rights are being violated

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  • Mon, 06/11/2018 - 17:33
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Ricardo Martinelli's lawyer, Alma Cortés spoke with Panama Today in front of the Supreme Court building in Panama city, about the violations of Martinelli's rights, she was still waiting to be notified by the supreme court about the dates where the hearing will be held on the legal process that must be followed regarding the extradition of former President Ricardo Martinelli now that he is in Panamanian soil.

The team of lawyers of Martinelli's family, have had to find information externally and on their own regarding the transfer of the former president. Cortés indicated that she had requested to the government authorities that Martinelli had to travel with his two lawyers, that they needed to be informed of the flight information, the time and place where he was going to arrive to have his medical team ready to receive him.

Today everybody realized that none of that was fulfilled, they did not let his wife, Marta Martinelli, even enter at the airport, a group went to Tocumén, another group went to Santo Tomás, another group went to El Renacer, they had us today as if this was a game, this government is not serious. A procedure like this specially the extradition and transfer of a former president must have been treated with prudence, with respect and consideration. This government of Juan Carlos Varela has subdue us to all this during these four years. If for Juan Carlos Varela this is a show, or an amusement, I am really sad Mr. President and also the Chancellor, whom I always considered avery serious woman and respectful of the law, always in dialogue, how little sensitivity and respect she has for his family.

They put the security ministry in charge of the former president when the right authority is the supreme court of justice. They should have placed him under the orders of the court after the return from the US Marshalls. He should have been in custody of an official of the supreme court of justice or the judge of guarantees who requested the extradition. But even in that they did not comply.

In the requests letter, was also stated that he had to be medically evaluated also by his doctors,  they did not fulfill that either. They inform me that an ambulance arrived to El Renacer prison, where they took his vital signs and he had high blood pressure, which requires attention from his cardiologist, we are waiting for another group of lawyers in the general secretariat of the court to tell us between today and tomorrow what time is the audience and meanwhile he can not be held anywhere until it is required by the competent authority, even in that his rights are being violated. The court must already has an order for a plenary session, because the request for extradition was for rebellion, and he is already in the country so the rebellion charges disappear. He does not have to be in El Renacer prison and much less handcaffed.

They have now 48 hours for Ricardo Martinelli to notify us to bring him to court, then the rebellion charges disappear and the hearings of the process are set. If they do not notify us, then a Habeas Corpus will be presented, for him to be released from prison because there is no order of preventive detention.

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