#AudienciaMartinelli #28Jun: Defense lawyers present 6 nullity appeals

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  • Wed, 06/27/2018 - 12:57
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Martinelli´s Hearing on #28Jun started after the decision of Judge Mejía of confirming the imputation to the ex president where the defense presented 6 nullity appeals against the process. The lawyer Alejandro Pérez talked to Panama Today about the brilliant presentation of the defense lawyers, Luis Eduardo Camacho, Carlos Carrillo, Dimas Guevara, who presented a conclusive defense based in the Central American and Panamanian laws. I reacted very excited and applauded them, that is why the magistrate Jerónimo Mejía kicked me out of the court, because this an inquisition. This is totally a prove of a political trial to Ricardo Martinelli because according to the law a president can not be judged by this cases and also can not be judged twice, these cases have been filed and closed before against him.

#AudienciaMartinelli # 28Jun. After 11 o'clock in the morning local time in the city of Panama, and with hours of delay resumed today the hearing on the case of alleged punctures involving former President Ricardo Martinelli, after a series of previous hearings. Today's session lasted an hour and a half and ended just before the final game of the Panamanian team that already says goodbye to the World Cup in Russia.

Today's hearing only focused on the six appeals for annulment filed by the defense, and it is expected that on Monday, July 2 at 9 am, the arguments of Prosecutor Harry Diaz and the plaintiffs will be presented in the Supreme Court of Justice. .

Magistrate judge of Guarantees, Jerónimo Mejía, yesterday rejected the incident of objection filed by the defense against the indictment made by the prosecutor on October 9, 2015 for the case of alleged illegal wiretapping to which Martinelli is linked .

According to statements made by the defense lawyer, Carlos Carrillo, "situations are occurring against the law, Ricardo Martinelli has already been tried and investigated in 2011-2013 and the case was already filed by the assembly, now with this hearing opens a new file and the interpretation of the court is contradicted with the assembly. All the elements are relative to the nullities, so it is not the competence of the full court. "

"All the elements are relative to the nuliities, it is not the full court's competence." It had been said that the actions were to purge, we can not destroy the system that cost so much, Ricardo Martinelli had legal status, was paralmentario, The fact that he was imputed without being present was not valid, until today he has not been notified in writing, Judge Jerónimo Mejía did not agree and that is why we are appealing, he is being investigated twice, already previously and now in court for what is a double judgment. "

"They are controlling the media and violating their rights, and we have the opportunity to speak without censorship because they are here, Martinelli has banned the defense at the time he arrived and we are also filing a complaint. Martinell is only from 5 pm, completely isolated, we call on the prison authorities to attend to Martinelli because of his physical condition ".

"We are going to raise some vices of illegality in this case," said lawyer Dimas Guevara of Martinelli's defense.

"Such request is based on the fact that there must be equality between the accused, and Mr. Martinelli has never been notified of a formal accusation", "We want to point out, among other nullities, that there is a violation of the electoral criminal jurisdiction, because when the cause on June 8, 2015, it was pointed out to the Plenary that it was in a process "," The act that we are deciding is given when he was appointed president of the Republic, the Constitution has been clear in saying what causes can be investigated and when it is responsible, in this catalog of crimes the inviolability of the secret does not appear "," We ask that we be notified at what time the lawyers or former President Martinelli were notified of an accusation "," Facing a complaint and a complaint first a phase of imputation must be given and in my life I have seen that it is not like that "," I would like to warn that the actions we have established are actions that deal with the defense of human rights " said lawyer Guevara in his presentation.

In the intervention of lawyer Carlos Carrillo. "On April 18, 2013 the Credentials Commission filed a complaint filed for recordings where the voice of the former president was presumably heard and the file was determined", "The judge can not perform acts that involve investigations, no one can be investigated or judged more than once "," For a political fact has been unknown a fundamental guarantee as it is double judgment "," At the time of taking a decision on Ricardo Martinelli had to abide by the parameters of international treaties in good faith ", "The Central American Court pointed out that a distinction must be made when a person holds the position of deputy."

"Regarding the case of former President Martín Torrijos, the Central American Court said that the courts could not initiate an investigation without waiving their immunity," said Camacho, the spokesman for President Martinelli.

At the hearing today there were members of the national bar association for observers, and they will present their findings to the board of directors of the bar association to evaluate them since this trial is unique and unprecedented in substance and form. Since they seek to determine how the accusatory criminal system works in this phase of the second court of justice, in these extraordinary circumstances.

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