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  • Audiencia Ricardo Martinelli

The hearing continues with the intervention of the prosecutor of the case, the magistrate Harry Díaz and the prosecuting attorneys who will speak and refute the incidents of nullity filed by Ricardo Martinelli's team of attorneys, to continue the process of resolving the legal remedies presented, an amparo against the decision of the magistrate of guarantees not to decline jurisdiction in case, and another with the objective Mejía refrain from acting as judge in the intermediate phase.

The hearing was postponed until Wednesday, July 4, for health reasons of Ricardo Martinelli, who according to Judge Jerónimo Mejía, was in a diarrheic state, and is being forced to take medication by the doctor of the judicial organ, the ex president has to return to the center, and tomorrow he has a medical appointment to undergo cardiac treatments. The judge of guarantees will protect the health of the former president. The hearing will resume next Wednesday at 9 am to give continuity hearing intermediate phase, and Ricardo Martinelli can declare in good health.

According to the plaintiffs' attorneys, they require that the nullities presented by the defense lawyers of Ricardo Martinelli be rejected and that the process of accusation against the ex president should not be delayed in the case of alleged telephone punctures.

The hearing began with the intervention of the fiscal magistrate of the case, Harry Díaz, in which he asks that the nullities of Ricardo Martinelli's defense be rejected. In his words, he commented that "On June 8, 2015, when the criminal case is admitted, the first operative part begins by saying that based on other resolutions and by order of the Plenary, the lawsuit against Martinelli was accumulated and that is why respectively, "" As for the lack of admissibility, it should be noted that on many occasions lawyers have been given the opportunity to act ". "It is a certain fact and acknowledged that Mr. Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Berrocal was aware of all the charges", "From the process of June 8, 2015, the lawyer Rogelio Cruz was presented on June 12 to present a rejection of that case and The Plenary of the Court admitted it, Mr. Martinelli's right to defense has always been exercised "," They have made a duplication of the remedies they have filed in the case of dehydrated food "," In my 34 years of exercise had never seen an army of lawyers to verify the presumption of innocence of an accused, "says the fiscal magistrate, Harry Diaz, who believes that the defense of the ex president borders on the" contempt "on the issue of imputation.

Fiscal magistrate Harry Díaz asks the magistrate of Guarantees, Jerónimo Mejía, to "reject, outright, each of the nullities presented by the defense" of the Parlacen deputy.

According to the intervention of lawyer Rodolfo Pinzón, "The lawyer Dimas Guevara proposed six observations of nullity and argued each of them, and we will argue that each of them have no basis for nullifying this process or have substance," In the nullity by accumulation of the process is observed in the folders that was a decision taken by the Plenary through resolutions of February 12 and 20, 2015. Therefore I ask for rejection for being unfounded "," In the lack of notification of admissibility , we see that by resolution it was determined that Ricardo Martinelli had full knowledge of the charges against him, and his lawyers carried out several activities in his defense "," In the National Assembly these denunciations (against Martinelli) did not produce any investigative effect, and contrary to this they were archived and those processes were not born to the juridical life, in the words of Pinzón.

"I understand that we are trying to delay the process to avoid an important moment such as the accusation, so I ask that these nullities be rejected", Nicomedes Castillo, defense lawyer of Juan Carlos Navarro

Judge Jerónimo Mejía requested that one of the complainants acquire the spokesperson to order a recess until Wednesday and that Mr. Martinelli receive his food, "If it is possible that the complainants appoint a lawyer to represent all of them, and the decision of whether to append to the complainants that the secretariat should certify will remain pending," Mejía said.

And the plaintiffs appointed lawyer Carlos Herrera Morán, as spokesman to represent the interests of all in the previous allegations.

According to the lawyer, Carlos Herrera Morán, "These nullities have, in our opinion, the common denominator of being untimely", "The acts, judgments and opinions of the Central American Court are not binding", "We request, we petition our seniority, that the incidents of nullity raised by the defendant's defense be dismissed, denied and rejected as inadmissible ".

"I think this is the first trial that is made to an ex-president of the Republic, it is the first process that is followed by a deputy with the Accusatory Criminal System, we should be respectful", "I have heard that it has been suggested that Sir, he is being judged as president of the Republic, something that is false, "said David Cuevas, another of the plaintiffs' attorneys.

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