#AudienciaMartinelli will continue on September 14

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  • Tue, 08/28/2018 - 23:41
Martinelli Escuchas
  • AFP

The #AudienciaMartinelli  (Martinelli's hearing) resumed today after a recess so that the defense could review the accusatory booklets. At the entrance of the court Ricardo Martinelli greeted the journalists and said that he was innocent and that we are going to see all the good things that are coming.

The magistrate of guarantees, Jerónimo Mejía, asked the public present that is not related to the case, to leave the hearing, to preserve the privacy of those who can come out, as allowed by the criminal code and indicated that today it is going to discuss, on behalf of the defense, what is related to the admissibility or not, of the seven booklets that the technical defense reviewed during two weeks.

Martinelli's defense pointed out that there are inconsistencies in compact discs and that other discs that are not related to investigations are incorporated into discs. Claiming that there are "inspections" inside the booklets that can not be "invoked" or included in this process of the wiretapping case.

According to Carrillo, in none of the 3,495 pages of the seven booklets does the hash appear. In his judgement, this is an algorithm that has the purpose of determining that the evidence is the same that was collected in its entirety without suffering any modification.

After the defense’s presentation against the elements of conviction, Prosecutor Harry Díaz requested a new recess to respond. In that sense, Judge Jerónimo Mejía, agreed to establish a new date for the resumption of the hearing, considering that what Attorney Carlos Carrillo exposed should be reviewed exhaustively. On Friday, September 14 from 9 am, the hearing will be resumed with the response of the Prosecutor's Office to the defense and the presentation of evidence by the legal team of Ricardo Martinelli.


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