Bill on medical marijuana adopted in Panama

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  • Mon, 02/19/2018 - 11:42
medical marijuana
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The Health Committee of the National Assembly has adopted the bill that legalizes medical marijuana, "We have already had consultations with the Minsa (Ministry of Health), with the Social Security Fund, with pharmacists, with relatives of patients with epilepsy, where medical marijuana has been more prominent. There was much confusion on if it was for recreational purposes," Deputy José Luis Castillo, proponent of this law, told local media.

According to Castillo, this is an alternative to conventional medicine and is endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO), which has also reported that it is not addictive.

Only one of the three properties of cannabis is its medical nature, said Minister of Health Miguel Mayo. "At first it was used for patients with terminal cancer because it increases appetite, so patients could eat better, but now there are new indications for which there is no substitute, for example refractory epilepsy is better known by people," said Mayo in an interview with Telemetro.

The National Assembly decided to establish a technical committee to continue collecting information related to the draft Bill 595 regulating medical marijuana that will be discussed at the Committee on Work, Health and Social Development.

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