Blandón: "They will say it is impossible to re-elect a government, until it is done"

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  • Fri, 07/06/2018 - 13:06
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The mayor of the District of Panama, José Isabel Blandón, was optimistic following his announcement to participate in the Panameñista party primaries, on October 28, as a presidential candidate for the 2019 General Elections. The winner of the internal process of the ruling party will confront a historical fact. In the post-dictatorship era no political group has repeated in office.

"There is nothing that says it is impossible. We had never had a female President and there were people who said it was impossible; there are people who said it was impossible to go to a World Cup, until we went to a World Cup; a government has never been re-elected and there are people who say it is impossible until a government is re-elected," Blandón said before the swearing-in ceremony of the new Board of Directors of the Municipal Council of Panama.

He said the decision to run for the nomination of the Panameñista party has been consulted with the bases of the party and with other sectors of society, "the bases of the party that are the voters, who decide on the day of the primaries they are in favor of my nomination".

The Mayor of Panama informed that he will voluntarily leave office during the process of the primary elections of the ruling party.

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