Bus service associated with the Panama Metro grows 9.6% in 2017

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  • Fri, 01/11/2019 - 16:27
Bus service associated with the Panama Metro grows 9.6% in 2017
  • mibus.com.pa

The MiBus company, the Panamanian public transport of bus service associated with the Metro routes of the capital, reported today that in 2017 made 3.1 million trips, 9.65% more than the previous year.

Compared to 2016, the expansion and demand  of the use of the system reached 11.5%, the company said in a public statement, which highlights that it has been "36 consecutive months of growth."

"At MiBus we are proud that every day more Panamanians trust our service as a means of mobilization. We are constantly improving the frequencies and regularity of our routes, and incorporating new routes to meet the growing demand," the company said.

According to MiBus data, the company has 1,236 buses in operation that submit more than 250 routes in the Panamanian capital and the district of San Miguelito, employs more than 4,000 people among Metro Bus operators, professional maintenance technicians, administrative personnel, operation, and control personnel on the road.

He also stressed that last year launched Panama MiBus Maps, an application that allows users to know in real time the arrival of the bus to its stop, the routes, and combinations to be mobilized by public transport in Panama City and in the district of San Miguelito.

Panama is the only Central American capital with a Metro system. Line one is operative since 2014, and line two is at an advanced stage of construction and will be totally delivered this year, in accordance with the official forecasts.


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