The Cabinet Council approved Valera' law proposal

The Cabinet Council approved Valera' law proposal
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The Cabinet Council of Panama approved Tuesday the bill No. 001-19, which gives the Electoral Tribunal (TE) the power to call a public consultation, through an additional ballot in the general elections on May 5, the possibility of drafting a new Constitution.

The proposal submitted by President Juan Carlos Varela at the beginning of the year will finally take effect in the absence of knowing the final decision of the TE, it will be held simultaneously with the elections next May, in accordance with the Electoral Code rules, reported the State Secretariat of Communication.

the Ministerial Council approved two questions for this consultation. The first one will be: "Do you agree to organize a Constituent Assembly to adopt a new Constitution?" While the second one will be: "Do you agree that the call is through a Parallel Constituent Assembly in accordance with Article 314 of the current Constitution?"

Once approved in Cabinet Council as it was previously advanced, now, the Minister of the Presidency, Jorge Gonzalez will be present the project before the National Assembly (Parliament) by. Indicates the official information, after adding that the result of the consultation "will not be binding on the current administration or for the one that takes office on July 1, 2019."

"The regulation, organization, and popular consultation execution will be the responsibility of the Electoral Tribunal, and the Executive Organ will provide the required budgetary resources," highlights the press release from the Panamanian Presidency.

On May 5, 2,713,698 Panamanians will choose at the ballot boxes 861 representatives for positions of the popular election that includes a president (with his vice president), 71 deputies, 81 mayors, 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), 679 representatives of corregimiento and 9 councilors.

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