Camacho hopes judge's ruling decision is in Martinelli's favor

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  • Thu, 08/31/2017 - 13:34
Martinelli’s lawyers waits for ruling in favor of former president
  • Martinelli’s lawyers waits for ruling in favor of former president
  • EFE

Attorneys representing Panama's former president Ricardo Martinelli are confident that the US judge presiding over his extradition process will find for Martinelli today and that he may be released "immediately," the spokesman of the former president, Luis Eduardo Camacho, told Efe.

Judge Edwin Torres, who is presiding the trial held in Miami, where Martinelli has been arrested since June 12 due to his extradition is required by Panama, has scheduled to issue his decision throughout the day.

The judge did not summon the parties to a hearing in Miami's federal court to let them know of his decision, which will be communicated through an electronic public access system and could be delayed until late in the afternoon.

In case the ruling is in favor of extradition, Camacho already said that they will use "all the resources in all possible instances", before which they will ask for the release on bail for Martinelli while the process is solved.

On the other hand, if Judge Torres is against extradition, the Attorney General’s Office, who represents the Government of Panama in this case, has already said that it will not appeal the decision.

If this is the case, the defense is confident that the former president will be released today, because the cause for which he is in prison is the extradition request by Panama.

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