Campaign for the Government party primary in Panama began

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  • Wed, 09/12/2018 - 19:24
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The ruling Panameñista Party (PPa) is enabled from today and until midnight on October 25 to campaign for the primaries in which it will elect all its candidates in the general elections of May 2019.

According to the schedule prepared by the Electoral Tribunal (TE), the governing body of elections that, thanks to a legal reform, is now responsible for organizing the parties primary, from October 26 to 28, will be the days of reflection for the members of this party.

The Elections Committee of the PPa may continue to guide institutional propaganda until Sunday, October 28, the day of the primary election, "but only to promote the participation of its membership in these internal elections."

The members of the PPa will elect in their primaries their presidential candidate and the candidates for the positions of deputies, mayors, township representatives and councilors.

The TE added that on September 22 the Directorate of the Electoral Organization must deliver to the Committee the Final Electoral Register of the party with the table number of each of the voters, for the realization of the primary elections.

The statistics of the governing body of the elections indicate that last March the party in the Government in Panama had 361,664 adherents, the second largest in the country.

The Court budgeted 41.31 million dollars for the elections of May 2019, when more than 2.7 million Panamanians will be authorized to choose the new president and vice president, deputies of the National Assembly and Central American Parliament (Parlacen), mayors and township representatives.


Source: EFE

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