Case Martinelli will continue without Purcait or "Popi" Varela

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  • Fri, 07/06/2018 - 12:59
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Before entering a new recess the last hearing against former President Ricardo Martinelli, for the case of wiretapping, also left the rejection of six appeals for nullity filed by the defense, the denial as plaintiffs to the former deputy of the National Assembly, Yassir Purcait, and the parliamentarian and president of the Panameñista party, José Luis "Popi" Varela.

After receiving the notification by the Presiding Judge, Jerónimo Mejía, Purcait said, "we support the Magistrate, he ruled grounded in law and it is the right thing. We will continue to be a pillar of this issue because we are interested in justice being done regardless if we have some benefit or not. I believe that the country will be benefited with the final result of this proceeding and this is not a personal issue. At all times I have acted as a Panamanian interested in justice reaching all instances and in justice in the case of defendant Mr. Ricardo Martinelli".

"Those who did not participate in the term established by the Criminal Procedure Code also remain outside. The Magistrate already defined with clarity that only the Prosecutor and the different plaintiffs who within the appropriate time filed their complaint will be within the plaintiffs," said Yassir Purcait's lawyer, Jaime Abad.

Meanwhile, Ricardo Martinelli's defense attorney, Sidney Sittón, said he agreed with this decision in the proceeding. "The magistrate decided that they do not have anything to do here because they let expire the terms to appear as plaintiffs. José Luis Varela, you were kicked out of this case, Yassir Purcait, you were kicked out of this case. They have nothing to say, because they are not part of it and their lawyers do not have anything to say or anything to do," said Sittón.

The hearing against former President Ricardo Martinelli for the case of wiretapping will continue this Monday, July 9.

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