Cases against Varela, De Saint Malo and three magistrates are archived

Credentials Committee
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A total of six legal cases against Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela, Vice President and Chancellor Isabel De Saint Malo and three magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice were filed by the Credentials Committee, Regulations, Parliamentary Ethics and Judicial Affairs of the National Assembly, while other eleven cases will be evaluated after the Holy Week holidays.

Fernando Carrillo, president of the Credentials Committee, said that "there were no elements and a justification to receive these complaints; even recommendations on where they can be filed are made."

In the case of complaints against Isabel De Saint Malo, the parliamentary decision considered the fact that they are based on opinions made by the civil servant and it cannot be associated with criminal activities. The report of the Technical Secretariat assures that "no type of criminal behavior was found and its file is recommended".

José Ayú Prado, Cecilio Cedalise and Luis Ramón Fábrega are the magistrates involved in the investigation dated September, 2017 through file 239, linked to wiretapping during the government of former President Ricardo Martinelli.

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