The cautious silence of Varela about Yakima Trading Corp. in Panama

Varela's silence on Yakima Trading Corp. in Panama
  • Varela's silence on Yakima Trading Corp. in Panama
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PANAMA CITY.- Yakima Trading Corporation, a company based in Panama, is one of thirteen companies linked to the drug trafficking case of Venezuelan Vice President Tareck El Aissami, who was sanctioned by the US Department of the Treasury, on February 13.

 A load of global reactions have been all over the news regarding this scandalous case; however, President Juan Carlos Varela has not make any public statement spoken about this corporation that has been operating since 2014 in Panama, according to its website.

The issue has not only transcended both countries but also nations like the Virgin Islands and the United Kingdom.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called the accusations against El Aissami "illegal and unheard". He said that all legal mechanisms, nationally and internationally will be activated to counter "this infamy" and defend the human rights of the Executive Vice President.

Relations between the two nations seem to be complex despite the fact that in July 2014 the Chávez regime "absolutely" reestablished ties that froze trade policies in the first quarter of that year.

Maduro made that decision for considering as interference the proposal of the Central American country that the Organization of American States, OAS, analyze the situation in Venezuela, where at that time there were ongoing street protests and clashes between demonstrators and security forces.

In October 2014, local media revealed that the Venezuelan President had requested political asylum to Panama.

"The unlikely decision of the Venezuelan president would make him a member of the select club of former heads of state who have adopted Panama as their second home," said journalist Rodrigo Noriega.

Panama is used for money laundering

DEA's former director of international operations Michael Vigil spoke on the program Conclusiones, broadcast on CNN in Spanish, and said that "Panama has always been used for money laundering" after making known the large sums of money being deposited in the banks of the isthmus.

He said that while he was in charge of the DEA "there were no restrictions to introduce enough amounts of money" in the country and he urged the authorities to collaborate on the complicated issue that has generated worldwide reactions.

Panamanian corporation involved

Yakima Trading is "a corporation with a diversity of products and brands that offers solutions to important companies in the petroleum, petrochemical, industrial and construction sector, particularly in Venezuela and the region," according to its Internet website.

Apparently it guarantees that "each of the processes is supported by the highest standards of security in the broadest sense and meaning of Safety". Despite being one of the organizations linked to a businessman accused of drug trafficking.



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