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On Tuesday, June 26, we began the race for the presidential nomination of our Cambio Democrático party. 45 days of work in front of the bases that must be openly and democratically decided by the standard-bearer CD for the May 2019 election. On August 12, we are at stake on next May 5!

With deep responsibility and commitment, I understand the enormous significance of this struggle. I feel the burden of what it means to me to aspire to lead the destinies of the country for the next five years. I feel the burden of what it means to carry a strong opposition message complemented by coherent proposals aimed at solving major national issues. I feel the burden of what it will mean to fight in CD against Juan Carlos Varela and his internal electoral offer headed by Roux. I feel the burden of taking to the bases my speech of loyalty, far from the betrayal that marked and distinguishes my only opponent in this tournament. But especially, I feel the burden of the country that waits very frustrated for a leader who rules it well, away from cronyism, demagoguery and false promises.

My campaign will be austere but tireless. I will not give or ask for a truce. A campaign that hopes to reach the bases with which I have been in contact in the stage that I called "Listen to rule" and that allowed me to better know the problems of the different regions of the country. I do not want anything more than the sincere and frank support of the followers who want the party to win the next year and return to continue building with order and probity a great country. I do not aspire to buy anyone or distribute money or government to win supporters. That is not my policy. The one who is convinced to vote for me, I only promise that I will fight to win in 2019 without giving the party to vice-presidents of anyone. Whoever is with me now will be with me in the government to do a great job!

In the beginning I admit that I cannot be Varela's candidate. That is not the reality that I wish. Far from Varela and against varelismo to the internal and external CD it will be my fight flag. The CD base is not pro-Varela! I am not in this pleasing anyone, let alone on behalf of any group that is not, today, those of us who have been loyal to the party and Ricardo Martinelli yesterday, today and always and, tomorrow, the great electorate defrauded, and rightly so, of the performance of politics and politicians.

I will contribute my effort and together with my wife and children, a family committed to the enormous responsibility that we assume. They are my great strength, along with the immense number of supporters who, with nothing in return, believe in me and my sincere proposal. To all of them, without exception, and even those who do not support me today, I say: Let's win!

And I reiterate, if you want a Varela or someone like Varela, do not vote for me.

Meanwhile, the clock continues ticking and every day that passes is one less for all of them there!

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