CD party will protest on the streets for Martinelli’s detention

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  • Wed, 06/14/2017 - 14:40
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PANAMA CITY .-  The spokesman of the former president of Panama Ricardo Martinelli, Luis Eduardo Camacho, said that from of the Democratic Change party, a series of protest actions will be held in the country as a measure of political response against the government of the president Juan Carlos Varela, due to the arrest of the former Panamanian president Ricardo Martinelli in the United States.

“We plan to protest in front of the electoral court, the Supreme Court of Justice, and the Ministry of Economy, among others, due to the grave situation that is currently happening to Panamanians. This situation is not going to cause Democratic Change to lower its guard”, said Martinelli´s political advisor at a press conference.

Camacho said that for two years, when Martinelli applied for political asylum in the United States, the situation was raised should he be arrested. “This is an action that will be overcome. The lawyers are working and will prove the case with fact and not with statements”, he said.

The spokesman stated that it is necessary that the case be dismissed in Panamanian justice because there is no evidence to imprison Martinelli.

Source: Oscar Sulbarán

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