Changes in the Supreme Court of Justice will be determined in January

Credentials Committee
  • Asamblea Nacional de Panamá

The president of the Credentials Committe of the National Assembly, Deputy Luis Eduardo Quirós, announced the unanimous decision to postpone, until the regular session of the Parliament, the appointment of magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice. From December 27 until December 29 there was a stage of citizen consultation that will continue in January.

"The list of citizen participation has not been completed. We have pending the meeting of the Commitee to approve or reject the resolution. Time is with us and if we wanted we could do it; however the atmosphere is not favorable because we are already at the end of the year. If we take any step at this time the citizens will see it with suspicion. A process like this should not be questioned," Quirós said after agreeing to the recess of the Credentials Committee.

Before the reconsideration of the schedule for the appointment of magistrates, the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) reiterated the call to its legislators in Parliament not to ratify the appointments of Zuleyka Moore and Ana Tovar de Zarak. The president of the PRD, Benicio Robinson, said that the Executive's proposals "are not going to guarantee a safe Court".

Last Thursday lawyer Sidney Sittón participated in the citizen consultation held by the National Assembly. Before the representatives of the Credentials Committee, Sittón said that the appointment of Zuleyka Moore and Ana Tovar de Zarak as magistrates violates "Agreements, Treaties and Jurisprudence of the UN and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights due to lack of independence and impartiality".

Verónica Padilla

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