Cochez: The risk of a “Chávez” emerge in Panama increases

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  • Wed, 10/26/2016 - 11:52
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PANAMA CITY.- The Former OAS ambassador, Guillermo Cochez insists on alerting that the current political situation of the country deepens the "disenchantment of the population opposite to the institutions" and, as consequence, the longing for the coming of a "Messiah", as it happened in Venezuela.

The deepening of the Venezuelan crisis, with the violent assault to the Legislative Palace to prevent a special session in which was approved the beginning of a political trial to the president Nicolás Maduro, has generated in the last hours great worry in the country of the isthmus.

In the middle of a pandemonium of thoughts on the reasons for which Venezuela has come to the point in which now it is, Guillermo Cochez's observations shine, who was one of the hardest defenders of the democracy of that country during his period as ambassador before the Organization of American States (OEA) between 2009 and 2013.

Precisely it was in January 10 of 2013 when the government of Panama dismissed him of his post in the Organization for questioning during the ordinary session of the Permanent Council, about Venezuelan Government institutionality, opposite to the misinformation concerning the health status of the president at the time Hugo Chávez and the illicit ascension to power of Nicolás Maduro.

In this opportunity Cochez - the one who developed his political career as deputy of the National Assembly in Panama in two periods (1984-1989 and 1990-1994) and as the first mayor of the capital of the isthmus after the invasion – prefers taking the Venezuelan example to open the political Panamanian class eyes and for preventing this history to repeat in this country.

Money isn´t everything

For the attorney it is scandalous that what prevails nowadays is the interest of the economic development of the country: "it is said that Panama will be the country that will have more growth in the whole LatinAmerican region in the year 2016. Nevertheless, I believe that simultaneously to this economic growth, we must worry of another growth and it is the institutional growth. I think that the country is institutionally deteriorated. Not only with an Executive organ that takes decisions without consultation that later has to revert, for this lack of consultation; but a Legislative organ that depends totally on the Executive organ ".

The Former ambassador not only questions the practice developed during Ricardo Martinelli's administration of paying money to the deputies in order to change of political party and reach and undoubted majority in the legislative debates, but the current strategy that Juan Carlos Varela´s  governments applies to have  the same results of his predecessor: "Now they do not buy them, but now they give them an infinite quantity of wages in order that they name people inside the schedule of the Assembly and it disqualifies the deputy to exercising correctly his function that is to legislate". 

The lack of " initiative to legislate " is not the only thing that worries Cochez, but the disability to control the management of the Executive, so, as to explain, the Government is the one who decides to what civil servants it is possible to address in the Assembly.

Dangerous injustice

Guillermo Cochez warns also that " the Judicial work is not done because the deputies judge to the justices of the Supreme Court of Justice, and the justices judge the deputies and then there is a quid pro quo, of that neither investigates you and I do not even investigate you and then any complaint that one presents against a justice freezes". 
To his judgment this situation promotes a state of social defenselessness, an institutional crisis and the risk of a conflict as that " Venezuela and that still suffers it: a Chávez, later a Maduro and later through a tyranny like we live before in 1989. I think that it is very dangerous that we are penetrating into the disenchantment of the population opposite to the institutions of the country because it can bring to a Messiah since it was met in Venezuela by a Chávez ", he concludes.

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