Colombia and Panama prepare strategy to attack border instability

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  • Wed, 08/22/2018 - 16:10
  • EFE

The security forces of Colombia and Panama are working to prepare a binational plan to protect their borders from the instability caused by drug trafficking and immigrant flow, representatives reported today after a meeting in the Panamanian capital.

Major General Ricardo Jiménez Mejía, Chief of Operations Staff of the National Army of Colombia, told reporters that the meeting held with Panamanian authorities will help present a strategy and a plan that allows integration and combined work to attack the instability factors in the border.

"We have heard and seen the threatening situation in both countries, and we are practically going to start to build the plan and the initiatives that each working group will develop to present it at the high level of Colombia and Panama," he said.

Meanwhile, the Panamanian Minister of Public Security, Alexis Bethancourt, said the first orientation meeting is the result of the visits made by the President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela to the new Colombian President, Iván Duque, on August 7.

We have had great success in binational work, but this boost from both governments will take us much further with the new authorities," the minister said.

He said the issues that are addressed include transnational threats such as organized crime, and aid in cooperation field.

"We are strengthening the fight against drug trafficking and blocking the generation of money profited from this bad coexistence related to gangs and hired killers; if we focus on this, we will continue to lower crime rates," added Bethancourt


Source: EFE

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