Colombian Bishops send a Popemobile to Panama for Francis's visit

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  • Sat, 12/29/2018 - 09:08
Colombian Bishops send a Popemobile to Panama for Francis's visit
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A plane of the Colombian Air Force brought to Panama today one of the "Popemobiles" that Francis will use during his visit to the Central American country next January for the World Youth Day (WYD), sent by the Colombian bishops.

"It is a great joy that we have received the surprise we have in our country with this Popemobile that the Colombian Episcopal Conference has given us, as a gesture of solidarity with the Catholic Church in Panama, so that we can use it in the transportation of the Holy Father during the World Youth Day", the archbishop of Panama, José Domingo Ulloa, told in a press conference.

The prelate added that "but this surprise -which is at the same time a great blessing- is not the only one, because in Panama a Popemobile is also being built, thanks to the Distribuidora David company, and ours will be the official one".

A Colombian C-130 plane landed this Friday at Panama Pacífico International Airport, about 5 kilometers west of the Panamanian capital, the Popemobile sent by the prelates of the South American country, in the presence of Ulloa and members of the team that organizes the WYD.

Ulloa presented gifts with the logo of the Day to the crew of the Colombian Air Force as a gesture of gratitude.

Francisco will be in Panama from January 22 to 27 to participate in the WYD, which is expected to attend thousands of young people from around the world. 


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