Construction sector strike: arbitration, rejection and government announcement

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The strike in the construction sector continues to be the source of much talk and advances without an apparent solution.

The workers keep on strike while filling the spaces selected for the assemblies; the Chamber of Construction remains firm before the arbitration and the national executive announces its possible intervention in the conflict.

Through a statement the Panamanian Chamber of Construction (Capac) recalled that they are carrying out continuous work meetings and at the same time said that in view of "the manifest impossibility for the parties to reach a direct negotiated agreement, arbitration is the only viable option to resolve the labor conflict with the Sole Union of Construction Workers and Similar Industries (Suntracs)".

Capac said that it would take this path of understanding to "not prolong indefinitely the strike period and the serious damages suffered by the workers, the industry and the economy of the country," according to the official document released.

In response to the business proposal, the Single Trade Union of Construction Workers and Similar Industries (Suntracs) strongly stated that "this strike does not end" and the workers took for granted their rejection while announcing that the strike will continue until the guild and its members achieve the salary increase requested.

Saúl Méndez, secretary general of Suntracs, urged businesspeople to end the strike and propose decent wages "as we have always said as long as they make serious proposals we are willing to make proposals to end this conflict".

As previously announced by the Suntracs spokespersons, the assembly of construction workers also served to expel the members who tried to break the strike.

Varela’s administration has not remained idle and in the words of the labor ministry, it regarded the strike as an "unsustainable" fact and informed the parties involved that if an early solution is not found, "the government will evaluate all the legal mechanisms to solve this labor conflict that not only affects the families that depend on this economy, but also national security".

Arbitration is provided for in the Labor Code and its application, according to Capac, would result in the suspension of the strike, the immediate return of workers to their respective jobs and the reactivation of the works.



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