Controversial closing year for Varela

Controversial closing year for Varela
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The present government’ administration of the president of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela, is living a period of great tension, since despite the large income increase resulting from trade with China, in addition to the anti-terrorism and anti-corruption plans in which the nation has participated, there are more and more criticism from voters and elections very close.

Precisely, the trade with China has raised a large cloud of dust around President Varela, who since the breakdown of relations with Taiwan to migrate to a larger and more powerful client has been involved in three main problems:

Family businesses: recently a financial fair was held in China, with the participation of several Panamanian companies to accelerate trade and produce greater benefits and better treaties, however, that a family business of the president was benefited in the process, made clear the favors policy that is handled within the cabinet.

Although this company is one of the most solvent and exporting in Panama, the fact of having liquor among its main products and precisely, being family, provides plenty of food for thought about the filter of choice of the president.

Chinese Embassy: after the great relations and agreements signed between China and Panama, the opening of an embassy of the Asian country in canal lands was more than evident, however, the place had not been determined until the possibility of the Panama Canal appeared as headquarters.

The fact that China is the second most important active partner for the country, in addition to the main supplier of the Colon Free Zone, made this decision sound somewhat logical, provided that the space that would be given to these next diplomatic employees within Panama.

At the time of revealing this place, the problem appeared. Out of any cartographic survey, the actual location was not an inconvenience by coordinates, but by vision and national sentiment, since by placing the Chinese flag there, this would be the first one that would be seen by each ship that used the Panama Canal, something that within the moral and patriotic thouht, was not conceived possible.

Much was the debate until finally and temporarily, it was established that this diplomatic house will be in the provisional residence of the Chinese ambassador in Panama. The subject is still pending.

Martinelli: is the most important, heavy and apparently, extensive problem. The constant abuses against the former president of the nation make it clear that, guilty or not, he is the victim of a systematic abuse of his human rights by the executive.

Covered in the possible hate of Juan Carlos Varela, as certain sources close to Martinelli say, or simply because of poor legislative planning, the fact is that Ricardo Martinelli after a year is still in prison and has had to live through serious episodes of health, prohibition of visits, sudden transfers to hospitals and back to jail without medical party, suspension of trials and now, the change of judge organ for his case, so this could start from scratch and give talk to a government that could finish his exercise without any guilt being shown in the case of the eavesdropping.

Recently, one more violation was placed on this file after the alleged refusal on the part of the security organs to enter the former president's food. But in this case, the ban is just for Martinelli's relatives. A little curious.

While these three cases are the most important, we must not forget the Pandeportes event, which accuses a large number of government officials involved in alleged corruption, a case that is still being investigated.

To top it all, this Monday a protest was filed against another measure not complied by the administration of Varela: the construction of a new children's hospital at the venue of the Children's Hospital Rodolfo Nieto Padron.

Employees of the institution, made the information viral when planted in the street with several complaints, demanding the head of the Secretary of Health, Rommel Cerna Leeder, to pay their wages and Christmas bonus, in addition to indicating that in the medical institute only the urgency area works.

Although there are no media or heavy voices within the theme, beyond the employees within the place, it is still as important as any of the other mentioned topics, since it is a vital issue, of the life of the nation's infants and the future of these medical professionals who continue to perform public functions.

With elections close by and Martinelli growing in popularity for mayor of Panama, Romulo's nomination and these problems trigger an imminent ticking within the government that does not find positive news, beyond the reception of WYD in January 2019.

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