Deadline finishes for independents in Panama to register for elections

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  • Thu, 01/03/2019 - 12:33
Tribunal Electoral
  • @tepanama

The independent candidates for the upcoming elections on May 5 have until today to submit their applications to the Electoral Tribunal (TE) ) and designate their substitutes, in case they have not done so.

The TE indicated that all independent candidates must comply with this requirement, which includes the 18 to the Presidency and the hundreds for deputies, mayors and representatives.

At the moment, only the candidate and independent deputy Ana Matilde Gómez and the former deputy Marco Ameglio, presidential aspirants, have publicly announced their appearance before the electoral authority.

In its communiqué, the Electoral Tribunal also recalled that independent aspirants have until next Saturday to collect signatures of support, and until 4:00 pm local time (21:00 GMT) on Sunday 6 to deliver the books with these rubrics for their purification.

The electoral law establishes that only the three aspirants with the largest number of valid signatures register as independent candidates for the Presidency.

The Electoral Prosecutor's Office is currently investigating a complaint about the inclusion of children signatures, deceased and foreigners in the books of independent candidates.


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