EXCLUSIVE:Erika Ender shares “DESPACITO”, her quick #1 hit with Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee

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  • Tue, 01/24/2017 - 17:20
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PANAMA CITY.- Erika Ender is talking with PanamaToday.com in an exclusive interview, about her excitement with the great success of her song "DESPACITO", Globally viral video and #1 in hours after its release. The Panamanian singer continues making her name as one of the biggest and prolific composers in the Latin music market. In the last hours, the success shared with the Puerto Rican singers has broken all previous records on the platforms iTunes and VEVO. Erika tells how the trio composed this 2017 megahit.

“I’m very happy with this work, with the success of the song Despacito, which I was delighted to co-write with the special participation of beloved and talented Daddy Yankee”, said the charismatic Erika Ender in an exclusive interview.

This new success of the Panamanian singer happens when she still enjoys being awarded a Latin Grammy in the 17th edition held in Las Vegas in November under the category “Best Mexican Song”, with her song “Ataúd” composed for Los Tigres del Norte.

The new hit

“Despacito”, has now about 76 million views and growing more everyday at VEVO the song was released on January, “lucky” Friday 13th. Simultaneously, in the platform iTunes the song already heads the charts in 16 countries and the video is number one of its general list, surpassing clips of artists such as Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande and Keith Urban.

At the moment of writing this article, it was also the third most heard Spanish song in Spotify – just below Shakira and Maluma’s song “Chantaje” and “Reggaetón lento” by CNCO – and reached the 45th place of the global list of this digital service.

In Latin America, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, and Panama, of course, people fell under the spell of “Despacito”. The United States and Spain were quick to follow. Some hours ago, Luis Fonsi announced that the record label informed that the song is being heard in Switzerland, France and Italy.

The “teaming” of success

Erika tells how this 2017 hit was born. It happened at Luis Fonsi’s house, whom she acknowledges his talent and huge respect for the industry, during a recording session for his new album. Ender recalls that the Puerto Rican singer told her he wanted to do something very sensual:

“From the moment we were doing it and when we ended it, we were excited and said “what a hit!, isn’t it?”, because one can feel when a song will become a hit, one immediately feels it in the bones. But the truth is that this song has exceeded all proportions of what we thought would happen with it.”

The Panamanian singer also says that “the cherry on the cake, the golden clasp, the art that Daddy Yankee added with his flow, with the post chorus he invented, with all that was added to the song, I believe that has been a wonderful and perfect teaming.”

As expected – from a spiritual person like Erika – she told us that “everything happens in its exact moment and God knows what he’s doing.”

She also considered it good fortune that the hit was released on Friday the 13th, which was demonstrated 24 hours after when it became number one in iTunes and 13 countries, and here we go again with the emblematic number, and top 3 in the platform Global.

“I believe that it has been a great success. I believe that people quickly accepted it with open arms, and I believe that these things don’t happen everyday, and many times in several years. In my career, I have had more than 160 albums recorded in these years; I have had the good fortune of having many hits that people have quickly embraced. But the phenomenon of what has happened with Despacito, I believe that has astonished us all,” said Erika.

I'm in no hurry, I wanna take that trip

This is one of the catchiest phrases in Spanish of the song, which is followed by others that are more sensual and that in the video are projected amazingly with the beauty of former Puerto Rican Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera, who appears dancing in the popular neighbor “La Perla”, in the Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Panamanian composer and singer asked our staff of Panama Today that has not listed to the song to find and download it: “Dance it, enjoy it, because it is very good,” said Erika Ender with a cheeky smile on her face.

“Despacito” is the first single of Fonsi’s 9th album, to be released mid year. To compose it, Latin, urban, and pop rhythms were mixed. Fonsi said that the lyrics are very suggestive, that make people dance, “it came spontaneously” with the participation of Erika and Dadde.

The final touch was given by its producers Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo. The guitar that is listened is a Puerto Rican cuatro, a typical instrument in this Island. The video clip, which carefully portraits the beauty of the homeland of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, was directed by Carlos Pérez.

Video Copyright - Music video by Luis Fonsi performing Despacito. (C) 2017 Universal Music Latino

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