Final countdown! José Raúl Mulino Q.

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  • Mon, 07/02/2018 - 10:34
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This Sunday began the final stage of the worst government in history. In one year we will be starting a new government with faith and commitment to lift the Nation from the affliction caused by Varela and his incompetent officials.

The Assembly keeps its distance, for any reasons, but in the end, it is distant. It is separated from the government, after four years of comfortable coexistence in the midst of what is presumed will be a time of confrontation if they really are located in the opposition wing. We all expect them to stay there, strong auditors and opponents without transactions. An Assembly in real opposition guarantees us free elections the other year. Otherwise, Varela, cornered and wanting to flee, ends up taking what is left of institutionality.

We have lived four years of farce and ineptitude. Speaking of transparency, but we all know what they have done and have been. Nobody believes them and, throughout the country, a ruler is overwhelmingly rejected because he deceived a people who, although doubtfully, elected him under unfulfilled promises.

Hearing his few spokesmen in the ceremony of opening the last legislative period is another sign of impudence. They persist in saying they fight against corruption when it is already known what they have done. Certainly, they have been left alone and with the measured support of a few media that have their agenda.

Their initial sycophants went away, swallowing very large toads, with partiality subject to the design of their masters. While the law and rights are unknown as if the unfortunate precedent of today will not be this way the other year.

We have to continue working, traveling the country, identifying the inner varelismo and opposing its hidden but obvious continuity. The vast majority of CDs (members of Cambio Democrático) have not been government. The base knows who they are and they are clear that with varelismo we will lose the other year. This is clear. Therefore, with concrete proposals and strong opposition speech, we advance to win!

The Assembly in opposition will have to face Varela. Each one will be responsible for their actions and for sure what comes next will confirm the urgent need for the reform of the State via a Constituent Assembly. It is my main promise and commitment.

Meanwhile, now more than ever, the clock continues ticking and each day that goes by is one less for all of them there!


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