Forum concludes that there is no scenario for a Parallel Constituent in Panama

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  • Wed, 06/06/2018 - 20:45
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A forum in which the Constitution was debated today concluded that "there is no scenario" for a Parallel Constituent Assembly as proposed by the country's president, Juan Carlos Varela, because this process requires first of all "social peace", "peace" and a "robust government".

"This is a process that requires a robust government and a social peace and both things are not abundant at the moment," said the lawyer, ex-attorney general and independent deputy Ana Matilde Gómez during the forum held at the University of the Americas. Panama (Udelas), informed the organizers of the colloquium.

Gómez, who is among the more than 20 free applicants to the presidency of Panama, remarked in that sense that "neither the people have the peace that is required nor the convener is the owner of a popularity and moral respect, for this project , which is of vital importance. "

The parliamentarian said she shares the thesis that the next government "can administer the nation in the first two years and then, with a climate of peace and harmony, call a constituent where you can start from scratch for the reorganization and composition of the State".

"Thus we would have the opportunity to straighten, as it should, the country so that future generations can live in a regime of law, with the application of justice and the certainty of punishment," said Gomez.

The professor and lawyer Rolando Murgas Torraza said that "the important thing is to know what you want and what you want with a Parallel Constituent.

On May 5, the Panamanian president presented the country his proposal for a Parallel Constituent in the electoral process of May 5, 2019.

If Varela presents the draft Constituent Assembly Parallel to Parliament in July and it approves it, a fifth ballot would be introduced in the elections of May 5, 2019, so that the 60 constituents that will elaborate the new Magna Carta will be elected. be submitted to a referendum to enter into force.

On May 7, the Panamanian government began a round of political consultations that it expects to end this June in search of opinions on a Parallel Constituent Assembly that, depending on the outcome of those talks, could be convened by Varela next July. 

Source - EFE

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