Francolini meets with the dismissed members of Cambio Democrático

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  • Wed, 03/07/2018 - 16:54
cambio democratico
  • Carmen Boyd

Last March 5 Riccardo Francolini met with 20 dismissed members from Cambio Democrático (CD) where they talked about the following actions within the political group in coming months.

Riccardo Francolini said that the objective of the meeting was to get closer to each of the people who were dismissed from their duties and seek employment alternatives, knowing that the economic situation of the country is not at its best.

Those dismissed questioned the actions of the current President of the party, Rómulo Roux, who has not shown his face and has proceeded to dismiss people with disabled children, with electoral jurisdiction and suffering from health, in turn disrespecting Worker’s labor benefits.

The person responsible for the "Movement Destituidos del CD por Rómulo Roúx", the journalist Carmen Boyd questioned the actions of Roux against his own political peers, warning that they will continue struggleing for their labor claims: "It is incredible how Roux intends to celebrate the International Women's Day when it has dismissed about 20 women, fellow party members," said Boyd, who regretted that the current President of the CD ensures that unemployment will decrease, when he himself has endorsed dismissals.

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