Frente Amplio por la Democracia party (FAD) is legitimated in Panama

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When it comes to political ideologies in Latin America, it seems that the region is under pressure and Panama is not the exception.

In the elections held in 2014, Genaro López appeared as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic with the support of the Frente Amplio por la Democracia political party (FAD), a political group that at that date had a little more than 60,000 members registered.

The government proposal called "Nace la esperanza" revolved around the call for an original constituent that would allow to establish a participatory and protagonist democracy. Three concepts directly associated with the government program of the red party of Venezuela, the so-called Chavismo.

The symbols and the signs do not move away, as well as the discourse, of the "21stCentury Socialism". It is shown by the red color, the music of protest, the constantly claimed mistaken distribution of poverty, the criticism of free trade agreements, the demand to recover state enterprises and the excessively used terms such as neoliberalism.

The Frente Amplio por la Democracia is a leftist party with an ideology associated to democratic socialism, progressivism, labor, trade unionism, indigenism and communism, as stated by official documents. In the internal politics of Panama, the FAD claims to be the "popular alternative" that represents workers, peasants and indigenous people.

With only 0.6% of the votes in favor in 2014, without deputies or mayors, the FAD disappeared until February 19 when the Electoral Court recognized them again, through resolution No. 02, and ordered their registration in the book of Registration of Political Parties.

Since then, in the social networks of the now legally constituted party with 65,000 signatures, we speak of #RenaceLaEsperanza and #AhoraSiHayAlternativa.

Fernando Cebamanos Pérez is the president and legal representative of the FAD. A leftist man, openly sympathetic to the government party of Venezuela and a strong critic of Trump’s administration.

Cebanos appeared as an international observer in the regional elections of Venezuela in October 2015 and praised the electoral system, despite the harsh internal criticism, and recently wrote an article entitled "The Humanitarian Mask of Yankee Interventionism", where he supports the thesis of the "economic war" and states the following: "Imperialism has made its greatest effort against the Bolivarian government of Venezuela. It has used his power in all areas of confrontation. It has released an intense, relentlessly media war, as well as an economic and financial war that has tested the loyalty of the people to its government; it has promoted violent actions led by a stateless opposition that intensified with barricades and acts of terrorism against transport, electricity and production services (...) In the same way, it has promoted the use of international organizations, with officials at its service as the infamous Luis Almagro from the OAS, including direct intervention through the declaration of a threat to the internal security of the United States (Obama decree), to isolate Venezuela and legalize a "humanitarian" intervention.


Yelly Bernal

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