Gerardo Solís: "Panama has had a dark decade of corruption"

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"I am not going to speak bad of the re-election, I believe citizens have the right to choose the authorities they want," said Gerardo Solis, presidential candidate for the primary election of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD)  in an exclusive interview with Panama Today.

Solís spoke about the "no to the re-election campaign as an act of political hypocrisy to hide the incapacity of an organized civil society that has not been able to promote leaders. Solis, who in the past held the positions of General Electoral Prosecutor and President of the Electoral Tribunal (TE), responds to public figures, influencers and some civic groups in Panama that did not want the re-election.

Gerardo Solis, who according to some opinion polls, is among the main four favorites in the intention to vote for the PRD primaries, does not see the other candidates as adversaries, but as partners "I feel admiration for the public work management of Ernesto Perez Balladares (Panamanian President 1994-1999), I feel respect for him and I think that any of the other two colleagues who aspire would be an excellent president" referring to Laurentino "Nito" Cortizo and Zulay Rodriguez, respectively.

The 32-year-member of the PRD, Solis, says "I do not have dirty hands because I have not thrown low blows at any opponent who aspires to the Presidency of the Republic, or to any co-party member". He even wrote his autobiography because he says he has nothing to hide and aspires to retake the ideology of Omar Torrijos Herrera, founder of the PRD and who signed the "Torrijos-Carter" Treaties in 1977.

Regarding the government of President Juan Carlos Valera, he described it as bad and said that "he deceived the Panamanian people, it is a government that comes with the original sin of Odebrecht", and emphasized that it slowed down the economy and damaged the quality of life of the Panamanians. For Solís, his country needs to improve the Constitution through a Commission formed by constitutionalists, the consultation of all sectors involved, and the document that comes from that "be submitted to a referendum and the people will decide if they approve it or not." Finally, the presidential candidate said that "we must transform justice because the justice we have right now, we all know is a broken and  rotten justice", that would be one of his first changes as Panamanian President, "I talk very straight forward, in Panama there has been a dark decade, a decade of Odebrecht's corruption, a lost decade."

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