Government Blames the Opposition while Anagan Claims to Fulfill Promises

Gobierno culpa a la oposición mientras Anagan reclama cumplir promesas
  • Twitter Eduardo Carles - Minister of Agricultural Development of Panama

The ministers of Agricultural Development and Security, Eduardo Carles and Jonathan del Rosario, were envoys of the Government to talk to the producers who organized a protest in the central region of Divisa. However, After a confusing situation was presented, those present in the place surrounded the vehicle of the politicians and the riot police had to intervene in the place to avoid greater evils.

Before the protest that demanded the cessation of imports in the early hours of last Tuesday, the cabinet headed by Juan Carlos Varela sent both officials on his behalf, in order to present an agreement.

The Minister of the Presidency, Jorge González, accompanied his two counterparts in the statements they offered, denouncing "the infiltration of political activists from sectors opposed to this Administration, and we hold them responsible for acts of physical aggression against high government officials.”

"There is photographic and video evidence showing the planning of the acts of violence of this mob (...) who carried knives, machetes, and stones with the clear intention of provoking confrontations," González said.

He also took the opportunity to rid the producers of guilt, since "they are moved by genuine aspirations to resume the methods of peace and dialogue that have characterized this Administration ... I remind the opposed political sectors to the Government that the votes are won with proposals and not inciting violence in the streets, "and stressed that" we will not allow disrespect for authority and the weakening of governability, the disruption of public order. "

Although officials pointed directly to the opposition political sector, they also indicated that await a pronouncement on the fact by the National Association of Cattle Ranchers (Anagan), an organism that claimed to be before the fourth call made to the government to solve these problems, besides emphasizing that they do not move because of political presumptions of any kind.


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