Health authorities presents 2017 budget to National Assembly

Minister of Health presents 2017 budget to National Assembly
  • Minister of Health Miguel Mayo
  • Twitter Minsa

PANAMA CITY.- Minister of Health (Minsa), Dr. Miguel Mayo, presented the budget for the fiscal year 2017 before the members of the Commission of Budget of the National Assembly, which is B/. 2 thousand 118.6 million, that represents B/. 70 million more than the previous year.

Mayo explained where the money will be spent, for example: B/. 73 million 557 thousand corresponds to the rebuilding of the facilities and B/.173 million 988 thousand in Environmental Health, most of this funds are destined for the project of Sanitation of the Bay; besides the equipment of the facilities of health.

According to Mayo, so far the percentage of implementation rates of the MINSA is over 50 %; nevertheless. Minister assures that is doing everything to make possible to achieve the same level of implementation of the previous year.

During the intervention, the chief of Health took advantage of the opportunity to explain the program Electronic System of Information of Health (SIX), which consists of the fact that the information of the patient is computerized for an electronic process, in such a way that when the person leaves the doctor's office, can go directly to the drugstore to withdrawing the medicine, which will eliminate the problems with the reading of the recipes and this way the attention for the community is much more prompt.

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