House Evictions in Chorrera, land sold to members of PRD

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  • Mon, 05/15/2017 - 11:25
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PANAMA CITY .-  At least 23 Panamanian families located in the Chorrera area, about 30 minutes far from Panama City, protested on Wednesday after being evicted by Governor Temístocles Javier Herrera from the lands where they lived. They claim that after being evicted from the area, they were relocated to unfit homes.

The demonstration’s spokesman, Omar Lozada Sossa, spoke with Panama Today about the situation and claimed that the burgomaster "sold the land" to supporters of the PRD political organization.

"Governor Temístocles Javier Herrera sold the land we asked for in the municipality. He sold it to PRD members. Mr. President Varela, he is from the PRD and he is perpetrating  acts of corruption here in Chorreras," he said.

Lozada Sossa said that the 23 families consisting on 110 people, 55 children and 55 adults, do not have homes or where to sleep and requested to the government authorities to resolve this situation.

For now, attorney Jorge Alberto Ceballos will consider the case of the evicted to take legal actions so that families can have a house again, either relocated or other homes different of where they lived.

So far none of the deputies in the area had come here to verify the situation. Apparently the lawmakers do not live in the area but in the City.

Source: Carmen Boyd (Panamanian collaborator journalist)

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