Irregular handling of Financial Pacific case files detected

Procuraduría General de la Nación
  • Oscar Sulbarán

Documents related to the investigations of the Financial Pacific case were found by a citizen who traveled in his vehicle from Panama West to Panama City. The Attorney General’s Office initiated the investigations for the crime against the Public Administration because the files that should be safeguarded were outside the competent court.

In a press release sent by the Attorney General’s Office, how the citizen returned the documents to the authorities is explained: “The driver of the vehicle that saw the incident said that when he saw that the other cars were driving over the package, he picked it up. Upon reviewing it at work, he could see that they were official State documents and delivered them on Tuesday, January 16, to the Attorney General’s Office.”

The material found belongs to the Criminal Circuit Court No. 7 of the Judicial Circuit of Panama.

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