Juan Carlos Varela banks on a united region with foreign investment

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  • Fri, 11/16/2018 - 23:31
Juan Carlos Varela
  • EFE

During the Ibero-American Summit with the participation of leaders of more than 22 countries, Panamanian President Juan Carlos Varela, took the opportunity to give a presentation and a solid intervention, where he found support points in different leaders and also talked about the future. Mentioning the important use of technology in the world, Varela highlighted the areas of development and security, in which significant advances can be made within the capabilities of technology. Similarly he took the opportunity to send a warning message and care, since it can lead to a significant breakthrough and be counterproductive against democracy, using as an example social networks and their ability to "encourage disrespect to the country's authorities". On topics from Central America, Juan Carlos Varela and Jimmy Morales, president of Guatemala and host of the summit, said that the region needs much more union to achieve prosperity and sustainability, tacitly referring to the immigration problem existing in which Honduras is among the first countries affected, internally and externally. 

v Finally, he took the opportunity to thank the countries worldwide for their reception of the millions of Latino migrants who have sought a better quality of life and opportunities, strongly emphasizing on the situation of Venezuelans. "I thank the kingdom of Spain and Portugal for welcoming millions of Latin American migrants, as well as Chile, which received migrants from Haiti (after the earthquake in 2010), and the regional countries that have hosted Venezuelan migrants," he added. On other issues, the president spoke about the situation of the Panama Canal, noting that the tension between China and the United States has not affected Panama and that beyond a difference in the grain trade between the two powers, "the other items of the Panama Canal are stable but, undoubtedly, for the world economy these situations are not suitable for the protection of the interests of the countries in trade agreements," said Efe. Regarding Panama's treaties with China, Varela said that "The only way that the 2030 Agenda can be accomplished by a Latin American country is with foreign investment," so in 2017 they decided to follow Costa Rica's steps and ally with the Asian country for the next years. And to strengthen precisely the bridge image that Panama can keep up worldwide, the leader took the opportunity to invite the plenary of the Summit to the religious event to be held in January 2019 in his country, the World Youth Day, which will be led by Pope Francis with more than 200,000 registered pilgrims, between the 22nd and the 27th day of the aforementioned month.


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